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The Transparency Act came into force on 1 July 2022 and aims to promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

O.N. Sunde on the Transparency Act

For us at O.N. Sunde it is important to follow up the work on the Transparency Act both in our own company and with our subsidiaries, and we strive for openness to the public.

The work on the Transparency Act in the company is endorsed by the board of the parent company. We have (beyond the operations of Color Group AS and Voice Norge AS; see below) 13 companies in Norway, and two in Austria that are covered by the obligations under the Transparency Act under the so-called merger rule.

Our subsidiaries Voice Norge AS and Color Group AS have independent obligations under the Transparency Act, and you can read more about their work here:

Samfunnsengasjement | Color Line
Bærekraft og samfunnsansvar | Voice

Human Rights Due Diligence

In O.N. Sunde we work according to the due diligence method in the Transparency Act. Our work on human rights and decent working conditions is based on our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, i.e., our guidelines for suppliers and business partners. All suppliers and business partners were made aware of the guidelines in 2023. Responsibility for the work on the Transparency Act has been assigned to the accounting department. The board is directly involved in the work on the Transparency Act.

We work systematically to assess our suppliers to clarify the risks associated with their operations. For our part, these areas are considered to be medium risk:

  • IT products, systems, and services
  • Consultancy services from the large auditing and consultancy companies
  • Purchase of work clothes and shoes (Austrian factories)
  • Purchase of cleaning services

By 30 June each year, the company must publish an account of our work on the Transparency Act.

The report must be updated during the year in the event of significant changes. You can find an overview of our disclosures here:


Information for the general public

Inquiries and questions about the Transparency Act should be sent to apenhetsloven@onsunde.no

Our code of conduct can be downloaded here.